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The doctors at Riverside Drive Animal Care Center all have a special interest in preserving the quality of life of your pet as they age. One of our favorite sayings is “Age is not a disease” and our pets don’t have to act as old as they age.

The older a pet gets, the more complicated managing their health becomes because sometimes several different conditions are going on at one time. Many times several conditions may blur together such as pain from osteoarthritis and the symptoms of dementia.

We will take the time to talk to you about changes occurring in your pet, how they are affecting quality of life and what can be done to improve your pet’s quality of life. We are advocates of being proactive as opposed to reactive and encourage annual and semi- annual blood work and exams depending on the age of your pet. We also take the time to discuss conditions that commonly affect older pets such as chronic pain, diabetes, cancer and cognitive dysfunction.

If your pet has changed behaviors, is acting old, having trouble getting up or moving around or not doing things like he or she once did then we want to help. Remember, age is not a disease.

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