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Does your dog or cat shake its head, and you don’t know why? Chances are there might be an underlying problem with ear health. There is a lot going on in the ear that you can’t see. The ear canal of our pets is actually a tube at a right angle so there can be a lot going on that is missed without using an otoscope. We use otoscopes in the exam rooms to evaluate your pet for diseases of the external and middle ear but we use a digital otoscope that gives us a magnified image on a computer screen to diagnose and treat many diseases of the ear.

Video-otoscopy uses a fiber optic scope that allows us to use advanced treatment for ear diseases of dogs and cats. We can clean debris from the external canal, evaluate the tympanic membrane ( ear drum) and determine if there is middle ear disease. With guidance with this scope we can perform myringotomies ( surgical holes in the ear drum) to flush and culture the middle ear as well as instill medications directly to the source of the disease. We can also use the otoscope to remove tumors and polyps from the middle ear using a carbon dioxide laser or electrosurgical generator.

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