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Riverside Drive Animal Care Center recommends monthly prevention against heartworm in both dogs and cats.

We recommend heart worm prevention all year long because our winter season and weather is unpredictable in central Ohio. The vector for transmission of heartworm disease is the mosquito and they are very adaptable. We also know that it is very common for mosquitoes to be inside our homes so this is another reason for all year preventative. Did you know that the incidence of heartworm disease in cats is similar for indoor and outdoor cats? This suggests that just being inside isn’t a prevention for this disease.

We have several very effective preventative medications for heartworm disease. For dogs, we can offer, Heartgard, Iverheart (a generic), Interceptor (currently on indefinite backorder) and a new product Trifexis that includes a flea preventative. For cats we suggest Revolution because it protects against heartworms, fleas, ear mites and internal parasites (worms). Heartgard is also available as an oral preventative for cats. All of our heartworm preventatives will protect your pet against internal parasites (worms).

Heartworm disease is a preventable disease but is very difficult to treat and the treatment can have many side effects to the patient. In cats, there is no safe treatment for heartworm disease so it is important to prevent this often fatal disease.

We also recommend monthly prevention against fleas and ticks for dogs and indoor/outdoor cats. We can recommend Frontline (a topical) for fleas and ticks and Comfortis (oral) for fleas.

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