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Diagnostic and Laboratory

Riverside offers in house diagnostic laboratory testing for our patients and is able to perform in-hospital testing for complete blood counts, chemistry profiles, and urinalyses which allows a more timely diagnosis and treatment for your pet. Precious time can be wasted waiting for lab tests from an outside reference lab. Although we do utilize our reference lab for testing we also can perform in house thyroid testing, cortisols, gram stains, cytology, coagulation profiles, cultures, and several fecal tests as well as virus testing for FeLV, FIV, and parvovirus and heartworm testing for dogs and cats.

Our in house laboratory is a state of the art lab with modern Idexx equipment. All of our in house lab machines undergo regular quality controls so we can be assured results are accurate. We rely on our in house laboratory to allow our doctors to provide the highest quality of care that your pet deserves. When time matters, we rely on our ability to perform patient-side testing.

Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Riverside Drive stocks a wide range of the most effective veterinary drugs in the animal healthcare field. We stay current on new medications and new uses for existing medications. We stock these medications for your convenience and can refill medication requests within 24 hours. Don’t have time to pick them up? Visit our online store and they can be delivered to your door. This guarantees the medications and you know that has come from a reputable distributor. We offer competitively priced medications. Our doctors and staff are all knowledgeable concerning the medications that we provide and can discuss side effects or adverse effects of these medications. Mail-order pharmacies do not provide this level of commitment to you and your pet.

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