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Riverside Drive Animal Care Center uses high-tech fiber optics that permits direct visual examination of your pet’s respiratory system. This allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the nasal cavity, trachea and lungs. Diseases of the respiratory tract can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Imaging with Xrays is helpful but direct visualization of the trachea and bronchi as well as the nasal passages is often the fastest way to a diagnosis.

We utilized small flexible and rigid scopes that allow images to be magnified and viewed on computer screens to evaluate the respiratory tract. These scopes allow us to see problems, biopsy tissue and initiate treatments such as removing masses or polyps. We are also able to do bronchoalveolar lavages (BAL) which is the best way to culture infections and diagnose diseases of the lungs.

We also perform cystoscopy (urinary tract and vaginal area), gastrointestinal endoscopy, (stomach and intestines) and otoscopy (external and middle ear).

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