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At Riverside Animal Care Center, we offer a diverse range of dog training classes in our training center. From puppy obedience classes to beginner basics to specific tricks and commands, we offer everything you and your dog need for obedience and training. For more information or to sign up, check out our class and trainer details below.

Deb’s Dog Training: Obedience and Agility

What Training does Deb Offer?
Deb Franks’ trains dogs using Obedience and Behavior Modification methods. She accepts all breeds – mixed or purebred, in group class settings. Puppy Preschool is for canines under 4 months of age, while Obedience School is for those over 4 months old, and group classes begin every 8 weeks. Deb also offers Private Training on the weekends, as well as Professional Training, where your dog will live with Deb in her home for at least 2 weeks to be fully immersed in the program.

What is the Cost of Deb’s Dog Training?
7-Week Group Class Program: $105
1-Hour In-House Private Training Session: $75 + mileage (.50/mile)
Professional Training: $45/day, session length TBD

What Dog Training Experience does Deb Have?
With 40 years of experience in the dog world, Deb has worked with over 120 different breeds, mixed and purebred, with great success. She teaches owners all about canine behavior—how to communicate with their dogs, how to train the behaviors they want them to learn, and how to get rid of the unwanted behaviors. She competes in AKC Obedience, Agility, Earthdog & Lure Coursing.

Should I have My Dog Trained at Home or Professionally?
Either will work, but working with a professional can help you to stop a problem before it starts. It’s easier to create a behavior than it is to change one, which is why it’s important to fully understand the canine language when training a dog.

What Will I Need to Prepare for Dog Training?
You will need to bring the following to your training sessions:

  • 6-foot leather leash (canvas or soy will work) – no nylon leashes or body harnesses for training purposes
  • Soft treats or a favorite toy
  • Bait bag or fanny pack

Training collars are discussed after meeting the dog and owner to determine the dog’s energy level, size, and personality. Deb will also need to inspect the relationship between the dog and owner.

How can I Sign Up for Dog Training with Deb?
To sign up for training classes with Deb, you may contact her directly at 614-491-1222,, or visit her website or Facebook page.

Animal Behaviorist: Elissa O’Sullivan

What Training does Elissa Offer?
Elissa offers a variety of training, from Puppy classes to Basic Beginner classes to Heel classes. Puppy classes are for dogs aged 5 months and under, Basic Beginner for 5 months and older, and Heel classes are to specifically teach your dog the “heel” command.

In addition to these three options, she also offers classes surrounding Tricks, Impulse Control, Off Leash, Four on the Floor, and Canine Good Citizen.

What is the Cost of Elissa’s Dog Training?

  • Puppy: $125 for 7-week course
  • Basic Beginner: $105 for 6-week course
  • Heel: $105 for 6-week course
  • Trick: $105 for 6-week course
  • Impulse Control: $55 for 3-week course
  • Intro to Off Leash: $55 for 3-week course
  • Four on the Floor: $70 for 4-week course
  • Canine Good Citizen: $105 for 6-week course

Note: class schedules vary

What Training Method does Elissa Use?
Elissa follows the Four Pillars of Positive Training:

  • The use of positive reinforcement
  • Avoiding the use of intimidation, physical punishment, or fear
  • A comprehension of the often misunderstood concept of dominance
  • A commitment to understanding the canine experience from the dog’s point of view

Should I have My Dog Trained at Home or Professionally?
Classes will get your puppy/dog used to focusing and working around distractions and in new places. They make sure everyone in your family is doing things the same way, which may be different than the way you would do training on your own.

What Will I Need to Prepare for Dog Training?
For each class Elissa offers you will need to bring:

  • Six-foot leash (preferably soft leather, no retractable leashes)
  • A water bowl
  • Soft training treats (no biscuits)
  • Kong, bone, toy, etc. to keep dog busy while owners/trainers are speaking

Collars will be discussed during the first class, so wait to purchase a new one until then. No choke chains or pinch collars allowed.

How can I Sign Up for Dog Training with Elissa?
You may register for classes, and find more detail about the offerings on her website.

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