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How to Walk Your Dog in the Rain


Winter in Ohio isn’t always as ugly as people make it seem but there are still plenty of cold, wet days filled with rain or snow. Those are the kinds of days where you want to curl up at home and not go anywhere after work or school. Unfortunately, dog owners know that even on the wettest days your dog still needs to go out and get some exercise.

On rainy or snowy days, it can be easy to give into the temptation of skipping the walk, letting your dog out just long enough to go to the bathroom. However, over time the lack of exercise can be a problem for your dog’s health and behavior. It’s easy to imagine people would behave the same way if they were cooped up at home all the time.

Our guide for walking the dog when the weather is bad can help everyone stay healthy, happy and on schedule and give dog owners ideas on how to make up for it if things get really out of hand.

The Benefits of Walking

It may seem obvious on the surface, but a lot of people take for granted how important regular walks are for your dogs. Dogs are typically much smaller than us and weight fluctuations can mean a lot more for them than us. While you or I may not notice a couple pounds coming and going off our bodies, small dogs can be highly affected by gaining 10% of their weight.

Additionally, walking and exploring outside the house lets your dog burn off energy and focus on new things instead of turning that attention to things like your furniture or belongings. Every owner should know that bored dogs can misbehave or be destructive.

Preparing for Walks in the Rain

If you are not lucky enough to live in a situation where inclement weather doesn’t affect your dog walks, you have to make certain preparations for walks in the snow and rain. This includes bringing extra gear like raincoats or sweaters for you and your dog as well as a towel to keep the water and mud out of your house.

In other cases, some dog owners have to pick new routes or adjust their outside time during inclement weather because the usual route may not be accessible under heavy snow or rain. Keep these kinds of situations in mind when planning your dog walks as you may get caught out in an unfavorable situation.

Consider Professional Dog Walking Help

Some of the most popular times for dog walking services are during bad weather stretches as owners may be stuck in traffic or delayed. Luckily, most dog walking professionals are experts in inclement weather walks and can help your pet cope with the changed circumstances

In other cases, dog owners can prepare for a stretch of bad weather by using indoor play services or doggie day cares that can allow your best friend to play with others and get plenty of exercise even if being outside isn’t an option. Using these resources can be great workarounds for limitations during bad weather in your area.

Do What You Can

The most important thing about walking your dog during rain or snow is to just try your best. It isn’t the end of the world if your dog misses one walk and it’s definitely not worth going outside in cases of extreme weather or danger. However, if you live in an area with a lot of rain or heavy winters like Ohio can sometimes be, it is important to plan ahead and understand that your pet’s exercise and bathroom needs don’t go away just because it’s raining.

If you have questions and want some assistance from doggie care experts, contact us today at Riverside Animal Care Center about our doggie day care services. 


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